ORTHOPEDICS: Swiss Ball Training
The Swiss Ball
Ball Dynamics
Spinal Stabilization - Utilizing the Swiss Ball
Strong 'N' Stable Swiss Ball Weight Training

The Swiss Ball
Theory, Basic Exercises and Clinical Application
by Beate Carrière
  First textbook to focus on the neurophysiological and motor learning principles of Swiss ball therapy in addition to offering a wide range of clinical applications:

Intensive Care • Acute Care
Outpatient Clinic • Home Therapy

Use the Swiss ball to evaluate for deficits, for treatment in all areas of physical therapy, including manual therapy and gyn disorders.

Excellent photographs help the reader to visualize how Swiss ball exercises work in practice.

#O497-98 $30.00

Ball Dynamics: Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, & Fitness Exercise Using the (Swiss)Gymnic™ Ball
by Joanne Posner-Mayer, PT
  Benefit from Joanne Posner-Mayer’s Swiss training and over 20 years of clinical experience! See how her programs for neuromuscular stabilization, postural retraining, improved coordination and balance can improve results in the clinic. The most complete tape available for the Swiss Ball includes:
  • Ball care and sizing
  • Sitting/Bouncing
  • Ball on the Wall
  • Core Control
  • Spinal Mobility
  • Shoulder Specific
  • Knee Specific
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Contraindications
  • Precautions

  90:00#O429-95 $79.95

Spinal Stabilization: Utilizing the Swiss Ball
by Merry N. Lester, PT & Joanne Posner-Mayer, PT
  The most well known educators in the use of the Swiss Ball explain the anatomical and functional need for stabilizing the spine. While assessing and treating orthopedic patients, the benefits of spinal stabilization are clearly explained. Topics covered include: a review of spinal anatomy, biomechanics of the spine, functional assessment, PNF techniques, isometric, concentric & eccentric strengthening and open & closed chain exercises.
     Learn over 50 fun and extremely effective exercises that anyone can do.

  35:00#O428-95 $69.95


Strong 'N' Stable
Swiss Ball Weight Training

Volumes I, II & III
by Paul Chek
  A three part video series with innovative Swiss Ball weight training techniques, exercises and workouts. Viewer friendly instruction is packed with information for the novice, intermediate and advanced exerciser.
Volume I: Chest - Shoulders - Back
  Over sixty Swiss Ball training exercise techniques for effective conditioning of the chest shoulders & back. The viewer will learn to combine free weights, cables and the Swiss Ball for improved strength, balance and functional capacity.
Volume II: Arms - Core - Legs
  Maximize potential with over forty exceptional exercises designed specifically for building arms, core & legs, using free weights, cables, the Body Blade and the Swiss Ball.
Volume III: Workouts
  Workout Levels I guides the viewer through a total body Swiss Ball weight training program. Level II integrates traditional gym training with the Swiss Ball. Level III Goes all the way!

  #O495-97 $79.95 SET


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