AMPUTEE: Lower Extremity Amputees
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  The Rehabilitation Series for Lower Extremity Amputees
1. Prosthetic Gait Training
2. Balance, Agility, Coordination and Endurance
3. Stretching and Strengthening
4. Home Exercise Guide

The Rehabilitation Series for Lower Extremity Amputees
by Robert S. Gailey, MSEd, PT and Ann M. Gailey, MSPT
  This video and manual series offers clinicians an innovative approach to the rehabilitation of the lower extremity amputee. Every segment of these programs was designed to maximize the amputees abilities. Both the videos and manuals feature clear and concise visuals to illustrate every exercise. Widely used as a resource by physical therapists, prosthetists, and educators.
All Three DVDs
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All Four Books
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1. Prosthetic Gait Training
      For Lower Extremity Amputees
  A systematic approach to prosthetic gait training which includes a variety of methods for teaching amputees to weightshift, maintain prosthetic control and utilize the pelvis & trunk correctly during walking.
  • Amputee strengthening program
  • Pre-gait training exercises
  • Weightbearing and balance exercises
  • Gait training protocol
  • Pelvic and trunk exercises
  • Resistive gait training
  • Advanced balance and agility training skills
  33:40 #A105-95 $75.00
#A108-95 $8.50

2. Balance, Agility, Coordination and Endurance
      For Lower Extremity Amputees
  A functional progressive exercise program that takes the amputee through the developmental sequence, practicing a variety of skills in each posture. Also featured are advanced activities that can be performed with and without a prosthesis.
  • Principles and guidelines
  • Short & Long sitting exercises
  • Quadruped exercises
  • High kneeling exercises
  • Standing exercises
  • Cardiovascular endurance exercises
  34:30 #A107-95 $75.00
#A110-95 $8.50

3. Stretching and Strengthening
      For Lower Extremity Amputees
  Outlines the principles and guidelines of a complete self stretching program, and a progressive strengthening program, covering all three types of muscle contraction. Exercises are designed and demonstrated exclusively for amputees.
  • Range of motion and stretching
  • Isometric, Isotonic and Isokinetic strengthening
  • Manual and Active strengthening
  • Upper extremity strengthening
  43:43 #A106-95 $75.00
#A109-95 $8.50

4. Home Exercise Guide
      For Lower Extremity Amputees
  Presents patients with all of the information they will need to perform over 100 exercises safely and independently.
     This comprehensive guide complements formal physical therapy, empowering your patients to maximize their potential as prosthetic wearers. Exercises begin with basic post-operative strengthening and stretching, leading to high level balance, agility and coordination activities that can be performed with or without the prosthesis. Beginner to advanced gait training will improve walking ability.
     Every book comes with Exercise Performance Charts and Daily Walking Logs. The perfect resource for physical therapists and prosthetists to send home with their patients.

#A111-95 $8.50

Functional Prosthetic Training Series

V-1 Functional Prosthetic Training for the Transtibial Amputee
V-2 Functional Prosthetic Training for the Transfemoral Amputee


The two Functional Prosthetic Training titles offer an exercise progression for most levels of prosthetic user. Exercises demonstrated in these videos are designed to prepare the amputee to maximize their prosthetic performance in daily activities, while developing their overall level of fitness. Exercises focus on stability, balance, muscular endurance, coordination, and agility.

#V-1 $49.95

#V-2 $49.95


V-3 Essentials of Amputee Running


This video reveals the secret to teaching any amputee how to run or to move quickly in five easy steps. Countless amputees of all ages have learned to run in a single session using Robert Gailey's time tested methods. Once the basics of running are learned, training drills designed to improve running performance are demonstrated by elite distance runners, Tom Martin and Danny Andrews. United States Paralympic Team Prosthetist, Jim McElhiney, CPO discusses prosthetic components and socket design options for all levels of amputee runners and recreational athletes.

#V-3 $49.95

V-4 Biomechanics of Amputee Running


This video uses a variety of visual effects, including animations, to examine the phases of running. Paralympic medalists Brian Frasure and Earl Conner illustrate the phases of sprinting at the highest level, from the block start, to acceleration, the maintenance phase, and through the deceleration phase. The critical details of sprinting, from body position to running the curves as an amputee, are illustrated with footage from the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney, Australia. Distance running is highlighted by marathoner Tom Martin and Paralympic Gold medalist Danny Andrews.

#V-4 $49.95

V-5 The Amputee Training Series (the four DVD set)

#V-5 $175.00


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